The perfect everyday
drip coffee.

This blend is always hearty enough to stand up to milk and sugar, but has plenty of subtleties on its own. If you're looking for your next daily pick-me-up, you may just have found your new best friend.

Our espresso has
a tough job.

It's got to pair well and stand up to various chocolate pairings, but still show well on its own or with milk. We think Long Day's Journey has struck this difficult balance pretty well. It has a delicious, well-rounded chocolatey base, with sparkly notes of tangerine and honey hovering over the top.

Obama Blend 2012

We are proud to have created a bend in honor of President Obama's 2012 campaign. This bold cup of coffee consists of 3 parts, Hawaiian, Kenyan, and Indonesian beans. The mixture of these beans gives an aroma of leather and rye. There is a savory quality reminiscent of chicory and roasted nuts. And remember, made in America!